STYLE LIKE A PRO: Three living rooms

Throw one of these three trendy living room looks together in your home by following our easy styling tips and trends. This series will cover every room in the home and might just awaken the stylist in you.

#1 Ethnic chic

The simple subdued canvas of grays are given some life with the leather and pattern accents. This neutral palette can transform into a different look by adding a few accessories to fit your mood or the current trend.

Clever styling was done by using a industrial style bar stool as a side table and adding a simple glass vase with a few shapely twigs and branches. Effortless styling with maximum impact.


#2 Graphic fun

Add a playful touch to your living room space with graphic props like these copper items, textured throw, metallic scatter and nestled coffee table. The cage light accents the vertical lines and the pink flamingo print is right on trend.

Speaking of trends … another one that sneaked in while nobody was watching is cactus plants. We see these shapely plants pop up all across Pinterest in the work of prominent stylists and trend forward decor magazines.

It’s a great way to create height like this example with the grouping on the back table.


#3 Light fantastic

I simply love the flush grouping of framed images as a focal wall behind the sofa. It’s fresh and beautifully curated.

The white on white colour palette with touches of grey and green is sharply contrasted by the black picture frames that gives the space a more graphic feel.

Again we see the cactus making a bold statement and bridging the vertical space beautifully.


All well styled pictures or rooms starts with a mood board! This is a set rule to group all your loose ended ideas into a pretty package. That’s what made Pinterest such a popular social media platform for stylists and creatives alike as it speaks to the visually literate.

Have fun!

Styling with penny gum / eucalyptus

Lately all trendy interiors and follow worthy Pinterest boards boasts with a big fat bunch of penny gum. It’s a lovely trend that’s been with us for a while and rightfully so.

Apart from being very fragrant it also is pretty. Just as is, without bells and whistles and it lats twice as long as traditional flowers which makes it a very economical option.

Traditionally we saw the foliage only being used as a filler in bouquets but find it refreshing (says the purist in me) that we now get to use it just as is.

I have recently bought a whole car load of penny gum to use at my baby-shower two weeks ago and have found interesting ways of styling with this glorious foliage around the house. From my dining room to the new nursery and even the patio.

The lovely natural sent fills my home and lifts my spirits every time I walk through the door. It feels fresh and healthy.

For my dining room I have grouped a few penny gum branches in a cement vase and grouped it in three (like a good stylist) with a carved candle and a copper candle stick for a rustic feel.

This big bunch of penny gum is now three weeks old and could at a push do another week. I love the bold voluptuous statement it makes. I made 40 wreaths for the guests attending my baby shower three weeks ago and I kept a few that made their way into my home decor.

On my patio wall I combined shutters with air plants and penny gum wreaths. Tonally they go together beautifully.

Because of nostalgic value … I had to incorporate one of the wreaths into my baby’s nursery. it also goes well with my woodlands theme. The wooden bunny and frames are all from Orms Print Room and Framing.

Thank you to my dear friend Liezl Maree for taking these pictures at my babyshower. The pretty lady on the right is the very talented photographer and my good friend Charlene Schreuder.

Some of the best health benefits of eucalyptus includes its ability to boost respiratory health, strengthen the immune system, protect skin health, ease tension and anxiety, lower blood sugar, eliminate inflammation, and fight against bacterial infection. According to

5 Ways with botanicals


We show you five easy ways to style with botanical elements around the house. For most of these you probably have everything on hand already.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow – Audrey Hepburn


Combine single shapely leaves and grouped ones in glass vases that are suspended from the roof beams or attached to the wall. This way you can change the look by adding flowers or whatever is on show in your garden at the time.

Frame your beloved plants by putting them in square open shelves. Ones that cascade down makes for a dramatic display.



Group a collection of plants or bulbs and add them to different shaped glass vases with only water in the bottom so that the routs are also on display.

If you want to extend the theme to the wall behind the still life add a few vintage botanical prints or simply washi tape beautiful leaves to the surface of the wall in crisscross fashion.



For a quick fix simply cut a bunch of banana leaves or penny-gum branches and group them together in a simple glass vase. The arrangement will make a voluptuous impression to the scale and pull the look together with a focal point.



STYLING TIP Group together similar or the same type of foliage instead of mixing it up. If you want an arrangement with more visual diversity then simply group together different leaves in smaller vases but never but the whole bunch of different leaves together in one vase.




Our very on trend retailers have been stocking a large variety of string plants. Group a few together and hang them at different heights. It’s a great softening element for houses with very high ceilings.

If you don’t have green fingers but would love a touch in your house simply buy one of these hanging bulb vases and stick a leave of your choice in it. Ferns are still very trendy at the moment so we would suggest you try one of them.

Remember to not have the vase hang in a room that is gets a draft as they are usually made of very thin glass and one nick against your wall will be fatal.


We hoped you found our botanical post inspirational and will keep on following the blog as we explore all things green this week.Look out for our green shopping guide, a lovely photo shoot involving antlers and air plants and free downloadable stationary from our designers.